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Old favourites and new ones

Believe it or not, but I actually have an FO pile. Not as big as my UFO pile, but still. These days the bottleneck is actually the photographing. Curling up with a book or some knitting has been a lot more tempting lately than standing outside with freezing fingers trying to get some good photos of knits in the snow.

I’ve always loved books, and my dad read a lot for me when I was a kid. I actually think he was pretty relieved when I learned to read on my own, but until then I spent hours and hours snuggled up in the sofa while he read for me, the same books over and over again. One of mine, and and I think his definite favourite was the book about Serafin, his friend Plym and the hamster Hercules:


I suddenly remembered this book because I now have another favourite with almost the same name, my new Seraphim shawl! You can tell it is a favourite cause when this picture was taken I had worn it enough for the scalloped edge to need a reblock..


Pattern: Seraphim shawl from MimKnits

Yarn: Little Knits Indie II in burgundy, 2,5 skeins

Beads: Gütermann 9/0 rocailles, colour 5435

Needles: 3 mm circulars and 0.65 mm crochet hook for bead attachment

Size: About 190 cm wingspan and 85 cm long


I added beads to the pattern section using the crochet hook method as I went along. The beads are really small and not visible at the first glance, but I think they add a little extra without much bling. The beads are actually a dark purple, a leftover from one of my first blog entries, the Odessa wristwarmers. But together with the deep burgundy yarn you can’t really tell any difference, and I think red beads would stand out much more, which was not what I wanted. This colour thing never stops to confuse me…!


I cannot say enough good things about this yarn! It is amazing to knit with, blocks like a dream, keeps the shape and shows patterns well, gives a fabric that is light and warm and drapes nicely, and comes at a good price. And a little goes a long way, I had 4 skeins but only used 2 and 1/3 so there is plenty left for a scarf or something else. The only thing I wish for is more available colours, but I have already bought some in silver grey for another shawl.

Since I’m not the dramatic drapey type, at least not most days, I usually wear my shawls tucked around my neck. Then I can get away with wearing something nice and handmade without dressing up like a Victorian lady. A bib is probably more my style..


Coming up next: more book reports. Knitting book reports!

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Protect and comfort


Pattern: Feather and Fan comfort shawl

Yarn: Evilla Artyarn 6/2 colour Denim, 185 g, and PT2 colour 06, 2 balls (100 g). About 250 blue and grey beads, randomly placed along edge.

Needles: 3.5 and 4 mm Addi Turbo Lace circulars

Breast cancer has somehow become the knitblogging disease. We read about it, raise money and share stories. There are devoted pattern pages like Knitty Breast cancer issue and Headhuggers. I’m sure the knitblogging community have most diseases out there represented, but at least this is one that we talk about and work actively against. Still, it is like a punch in the face when it suddenly hits someone you know. There is just no way to be prepared.


I picked up this yarn for no real reason other than liking it, and had no plans for it. Later that day I was told that a friend of mine had cancer. There is just so little one can do. I cast on for a shawl.


I wanted the shawl to be warm, sturdy and snuggly but good-looking at the same time. Comforting waves. Not blue, not grey, not purple but shifting with the light. With little treasures hidden deep down.


In many years from now I hope so see this shawl worn out, and I hope I can knit a new one for my friend. And I want to thank Knitty, Virtuella, Oktober Rosa and everyone else who is continuously working to fight this terrible disease.

Cross your needles. Please.


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