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Brought to the surface

The main reason for blogging silence and loss of knitting mojo the past weeks have been a house move. There is nothing as revealing as being forced to go through the accumulated belongings gathered through a period of one’s life. The main part of my last seven years appeared to have been about books, yarn, shoes, outdoor equipment and hard liquor. I think I could have done worse although I’m not sure if the accumulation of liquor is a good sign or not. At least none of my passions accumulate perishables, although some of the UFOs  surfacing might have needed an expiry date.

I still haven’t gotten through and unpacked all my stash, as it turns out that yarn is an excellent box filler and pops out pretty much everywhere. Also I haven’t decided yet if it is a good idea to go public with all the unfinished objects. While I think about it I’ll cast light on a few small items that have gone by unnoticed and unblogged the past months:

Pattern: Bleiebukse (soaker) from the book Myk Start

Size: Brown 0-6 mo, stripey 6-9 mo

Yarn: 2-ply (I think) Bjørnegarn from Bånsull, about 50 g per soaker

Needles: 4.5 mm

The soaker is knitted flat, shaped with short rows and then seamed in one side. I actually found it easier to follow the pattern when I striped it cause it made it easier for me to see where to place the short rows. By no means is this a difficult pattern, it just seems that the simpler it is, the more likely am I to screw up sometimes. I haven’t got any user feedback but hope they are warm and comfy as one less baby litter the planet with paper diapers.

This lanolin yarn has actually been my only yarn purchase so far this year. You are now free to place your bets on how long my notbuyingyarnness will last.

A little thing from stash yarn, just under one ball of Lerke, colour 5063 to be exact:

Pattern: Grace lace beret

Needles: 3.5 mm

Modifications: Did a normal long tail cast on of 120 sts and knit 1×1 twisted rib, then followed pattern to end.

It is Very Difficult to take a picture of one’s head modeling a hat, and this was the best I could master. The beret is a thank-you gift to my office pal for brightening up my work week, and for lending me her car. I asked if I could knit her something in return and she picked this lovely little pattern. What else can a knitter do?

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