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What to do with leftover yarn

Artist Inger Lena Gåsemyr got the wole village together to knit legwarmers for 18 trees in one of the streets in Eidsfjord. The project Graknitty is thought to bring people closer together and initiate communication, as well as using available resources and keep knitting alive as a craft. Gåsemyr has earlier been involved in a similar project in Chicaco, called Knit it.

“We no longer need speedbumps. The cars pass by in 20-30 km/h” says county council representative Lisbeth Bygstad according to the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.

Tree leg warmer. Now that’s something for the Ravelry queues.

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What People Wear

I havent’t had time for much knitting. I had a really bad case of castonitis but nothing came out well and all I want is a nice big project to sink into instead of more half-hearted UFOs. And there have been holidays and travels and festivals and camps and the days and nights have been packed with fun and I’m really glad I’m going back to the office tomorrow so I can get some rest and restore my knitting mojo.

I managed to squeese in some knitspotting though, and yet again realized how difficult it is to photograph strangers in a discrete way when all you want is to go over and hug the cozy sweater and the cute guy inside it. Here goes:

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..but people were smiling and dancing and having a wonderful time in spite of the rain, and in case you were wondering, 8 degrees C is not cold enough for Iggy to put his shirt on:


The rest of us preferred to keep our clothes on and let the music warm us. Half the fun is watching all the happy people, but I quickly realized that taking pictures of strangers without them noticing is hard….and I wasn’t always successful. Somewhere there is a guy (probably with a terrible hangover today) that thinks I wanted his picture cause he  found himself irresistible. I didn’t bother trying to explain that I fancied his mittens and not him. (Really. Does that make me the weird person here?) I hereby give you a rock festival seen through the eyes of a fiber fanatic:


And when the music stopped playing, if you listened really carefully, through the roar from the crowd you could hear the sound of lots of wet mittens clapping….just beautiful. Knitting rocks!


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